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We specialize in Plastic Recycling. We buy all types of plastic scraps and sell quality recycled pellets. Our products and services: Plastic scrap collection Provide Recycling Services Supply Quality
T.A.T. INDUSTRIES Specializes in Plastic Recycling Products and Services Plastic Scrap Collection Provide recycling services Supply quality HDPE, LDPE, PP and PET (recycled Pellets) Buy bulk off-grad
For Commercial, Residential and Industrial Septic Tanks and Sewers Tanks Located/Undercovered Clean Grease Traps/ Waste Pits Sludge Removal /Muds Pits Sludge Hauling/ sludge Pits ED MALABANAN –
We offer services such as Janitors, Manpower Staffing and Sales of Janitorial Supplies and Cleaning Chemicals as well. Contact us for more information. Mr. Rudy Valdez (632) 7409188 / (632) 7405849 9
SERVICES Janitorial Services & Supplies Manpower Services Carpet Shampooing Marble Crystalization Window Cleaning Mr. Rudy Valdez (632) 7409188 / (632) 7405849 / (632) 7417549 Room 326 URC Buildi
Waste Management and Plumbing Works by Malabanan Anlo Sanitary Services Service Malabanan Anlo Sanitary Services offers a 24 hour plumbing services, we also accepts garbage removal from septic tanks,
At Abelgas Excavation Services we do all the dirty works that you don't want to do. We offer services like plumbing, declogging, siphoning of septic tank and garbage removal. **We are in operation 7
JC Siphoning Services Pozo negro services that has been proven fast, efficient and reliable 100% customer satisfaction For more details please contact: JAYSON/ ARCILENE TILLES 4604206 0919-3247364
Cleanliness is one of the most important action we need to keep track everday in our lives. Living in a clean environment will help our Mother Nature andourselves to be able to breathe freshly and li
Mamaclay Excavation Plumbing and Sanitary Services Service Offered Locate Septic Tank . Installation of new Septic Tank Cleaning or removing of garbage inside the septic tank/ vault Declogging of pi
Service Provider Janitorial Property Caretaker Security Services For more details about our services feel free to approach Mr. Romy Rosal through his mobile no: 0920-6096373
NuPON Tech. Phil., Corporation call: +63-49-8378287, 8380373 +63-2-5208408, 5208696 Fax: +63-49-8371422 Email: ntpc@nuponcorp.net Your Gateway to Global Resources & Innovative Technologies Clean
We're world leaders in the provision of efficient, professional washroom services to businesses of all kinds. call our experts now! Tel. No.: 032 261-1649 Why Initial Hygiene? Why do so many bu
Septic tank manual cleaning Manual cleaning of Septic tanks is very much efficient that pumping clogged ones Septic tanks come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of the home. All septic tank
We supply all kinds of cleaning materials like mop head, brush, broom, rug, spray bottle and the like.
I am offering a Cleaning Chemicals 1. Airfreshner - P375/gal 2. Aircon Cleaner - P10,000/cby 3. All Purpose Degreaser - P11,000/cby 4. Aluminum Cleaner (acid base) - P10,000/cby 5. Aluminum Cleaner (
Keep your property clean and sanitized and make it a real home for your family. Consider us, the total sanitation provider. Services include: Services include Destruction, segregation and recycling o
Yama Water Incorporated Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems Residential Light -Commercial Biomedical Commercial Industrial Aquaculture Industrial Municipal Staffhouse Bldg. Pembo, Makati City TEL
Your total waste management solution provider. Destruction, segregation and recycling of consumer product rejects, BOs, and trade returns. Hauling and segregation of recyclables wastes. Supp
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Proud supporter of: Make-A-Wish Foundation www.wish.org It's good business!!! Providing a hygienic environment for your customers and your employees is more than good manners. That's because people