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RITA OPTICAL SHOP, INC. Expert fittings for glasses A large variety of designer frames and specialty lenses The option to have most lenses cut while you wait A 100% satisfaction guarantee
GOLF EYEGEAR - Extraordinary Sunglasses For Golf Enhance Your Vision, Your Comfort & Your Game GOLF Is Grueling On Your Eyes! Glare, excessive brightness, changing light conditions all take a tol
DIANE OPTICAL The titanium optical frame, Monel optical frame, Aluminium optical frame, and handmade optical frame of the company are very popular. Welcome to visit us in near future.
ASIAN EYE INSTITUTE 1. In LASIK (laser eye surgery), a flap is cut prior to laser treatment. To avoid possible contamination, a NEW BLADE should be used in each eye. Ask your doctor to use ONE BLADE
Galileo SurgiCenter is a modern facility with top-of-the-line equipment for optometry, general ophthalmology, and ocular surgery. It is licensed by the Department of Health (DOH) and accredited by th

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