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M-TECH MEDICAL HOSPITAL (a Diagnostic & Therapeutic Center),is a private hospital incorporated in July, 2000 with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Philippine Corporation.

M-TECH is another ambulatory project of Makati Technical Healthcare Management, Inc., in its venture concept of networking. It is hygienically designed using an expensive air laminar exchange system that is supported by air filters and ultra violet irradiations for sterilization to minimize bacterial infections. The hospital differs from other ambulatory centers because of the wide range of medical services and facilities. It carries practically all outpatient services under one roof. The four major departments and their sub-specialty are represented in the center, such as Medicine, Surgery (except invasive procedures), Obstetrics-Gynecology, and Pediatrics. The hospital also provides special services such as Smoke Cessation clinic, Pain clinic, Oncology, and Pharmacy; from Pre-employment to Executive Check-ups; Occupational and Industrial Medicine; Clinical Psychology and Child Behavior Clinic, Genetics (for new born screening), among others.

The hospital believes in providing accurate diagnosis and quality treatment that is why the hospital has invested P100M in medical equipment mostly Siemens products

The hospital has a staff complement of more that 200 experienced medical doctors and over 100 paramedical personnel who are trained in their individual specialty and discipline. M-Tech maintains at all times a group of doctors representing all specialties in order to minimize patient waiting time.

M-TECH is presently under the management of Makati Technical Healthcare & Management, Inc. that is composed of professional doctors and non-doctors who had over 100 years of combined experience in the management of healthcare delivery systems.

M-TECH adheres to the following corporate philosophy:

  • Assists patients in obtaining comprehensive inter-disciplinary healthcare service that is accessible, affordable and acceptable;

  • Adopts the concept of patient participation and patient education forming part of the integrated healthcare prevention plan;

  • Recognizes the importance of technological and cultural dimensions of health and their influences on the individuals, families and communities served;

  • Recognizes the responsibility to respect and keep all confidential information about their patients; and

  • Provides healthcare services that consist of preventive, curative, and rehabilitative measures and programs in a "one-stop-shop" center.

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