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You can even EARN more than 500 US dollars weekly. YES IT'S POSSIBLE .... Kaire Opportunity Contact: manny mobile#: 09182197105 email: manny_jc@yahoo.com nrichmarketing.com www.smartchoice.weebly.com
C.A. CAISIP POWER STONE a member of the filipino inventors society Nature's Natural Energy - Give's Extra Strength and Energy - Gives you more balance - You don't get tired easily - It makes you feel
IMADA ALKALINE ANTI-OXIDANT ELECTROLYSIS IONIZED ALKALINE WATER MACHINE BENEFITS OF DRINKING ALKALINE WATER 1. Flushes out toxins from the body that cause cancer. 2. Flushes out acids from the body t
Do you know that cancer cells are killed at 40 degrees and virus at 52 degrees Centigrade ? Chipatch produces heat more than the boiling point of water without fire heat and electricity. Thus it provi
Moringa Powder The Moringa Tree is the most nutrient rich tree in the world. The Portal Market is producing Moringa Powder from the Fakchar Moringa Tree Plantation in Ban Photphisai, Central Thailand
Are you familiar with bracelets used for health and helps your body a lot? Long Term Health Benefits of the Fusion Excel Quantum Bracelets : - Reduces inflammation - Promotes unclumping of cells - En
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What is Goji juice? Himalayan goji berries and Chinese goji berries are equally effective when it comes to health but there is a difference in taste. The Chinese berries are smaller and a little bitt
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SECURA INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTS &SERVICES Plant Extract & Bio Actives -Banana Extract -Sambong -Malunggay Leaves Mangosteen -Annato -Pomegranate Plant & Fruit Enzymes -Papain -Bromelain -Su
BANYOS HERBAL OIL LINIMENT Relieffromrheumatism, arthritis, muscle & joint pain, back pain, sprain & strain, stiff neck, cramps, gas pain, headache, varicose veins, insect bites & other m
Concentrated Mineral Drops Concentrated Mineral Drops are the most powerful natural health giving ionic trace minerals in the world. It's impossible to underestimate the importance of minerals and tr
THERMA COSMETICA INC . Quezon City We offer: Organica Tea ( for Dengue fever) ILOVEYOU Wonder Chocolate 7 in 1 and Coffee 7 in 1 - anti oxidant - anti-cancer -maintains blood pressure For more detail
Distribution of FERN-C Products!!! SODIUM ASCORBATE is now available in the market under the brand name FERN-C, hailed as a super anti-oxidant, which has remedied a lot of ailments based on the testi
Lucida-DS Glutathione 500mg/60 capsules... For only 2,000php each bottle...RUSHHH Negotiable!!! (3 bottles left) Please Contact: 09176058443 Meeting Places: Valenzuela, Caloocan Monumento, SM north,
FOR SALE!!! Virgin Coconut Oil used as AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE OIL Comes in two different scents: PEPPERMINT WITH LEMON GRASS VCO and LAVANDER WITH MARJORAM AND GINGER VCO Aromatic Relaxation mixed with
EXO ....a powerful blend of 17 rare fruits and plant extract purees that are absolutely loaded with anti-oxidants and other beneficial nutrients that repairs and maintain the cells in our body ! Thes
COCONUT and CITRUS FORM For complete information regarding he services we offer, please refer to the contact details below.
Quantum Pendant and other Scalar Energy products for alternative therapy We are aninternational group of Independent distributors for FusionExcel International, manufacturer of the amazing Quantum Pe
TB Enterprises We are an importer or distributor of Grapeseed Oil Extract This productmay fight: aging cancer Contact No.: 09209080851/ 5710945
We have helped a lot lose weight easily! PROVEN RESULTS! I lost 17 pounds and got to my ideal weight! No work out necessary. Burn fats in 20 mins! These are the benefits you will get when you get sta

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