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May 2003

McDonald’s Philippines with its one dial number 8-Mcdo (8-6236) promises to deliver your orders in a flash.

With the return of its delivery service, McDonald’s gets closer to bringing its quality service to the public. If you cannot come to our stores for whatever reason, we bring it to you with the same quality and service you get from our outlet. We use a custom made designed motorbike made specially for 8-McDo delivery service says McDonald’s Executive Vice President Kenneth Yang.

The motorbikes we use is a Kawasaki 125 HP, yellow color with a single sitter and McDonald’s emblem in the gas tank. You see that we didn’t just make our telephone number branded with our name but also created our own brand of motorcycle for this service, quotes Mr. Yang.

Another advantage we have over our competitors is our-- one is to one motorbike and rider ratio. By doing such we are assured that each bike is very well taken cared of by the user for in return delivers faster and more reliable bikes for delivery.

Speedy delivery is McDonald’s goal and promises to get there in 30 minutes or less with the same freshness and quality you get when you are at McDonald’s restaurants.

As for the safety of the riders, each rider is issued safety gears, such as a helmet, jacket, over-all and a raincoat. They are also insured and get a weekly regular check-up.

McDonald’s Philippines is the pioneer in hamburger delivery service in the country, it started delivering since 1991 and has revived the service last August of 2002.

So if you don’t feel going out anytime, call 8-McDo!