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 Caesar Crepe180 
Our version Traditional Caesar Salad topped with Parmesan. A must
for Caesar salad lovers! Definitely Caesar’s Favorite! 

 CDC Crepe Roll180 
A delicious blend of assorted greens topped with grilled chicken slices,
tomato wedges & Pineapple tidbits drizzled with our special CDC Sauce. Perfect for those who want to eat healthy and be full. (Can Share) 

 Chicken Waldorf185 
A Refreshing alternative for all salad lovers out there! A combination of potatoes, apples and grilled chicken in our homemade Waldorf Sauce 
 Garden Crepe195 
A colorful splash of red and green peppers, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, and asparagus infused in a tomato tarragon salsa. Perfect for vegetarians. 
Shrimp Mimosa
Pocket crepe filled with shrimps, corn, and more shrimps!
Flavored by our creamy orange dressing topped with crabmeat!
CDC is a crepe café that gives you a unique dining experience. Set in a relaxed and laid back atmosphere amongst the busy district of Chinatown. It has a warm and homey ambience that would make your dining truly enjoyable. It’s a perfect environment where you could meet colleagues and associates, catch up with friends, bond with your family and recharge with a healthy meal. CDC transforms crepes into fine art. Their crepes are delicious for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – all the time 

The crepes are divided into 3 parts; starter, savory and desserts crepes. Among the restaurant favorite are the CDC Crepe Roll for starters, Braised Beed & Mabuhay! Adobe Crepe for savory. Their delectable desserts and parfait are also a house favorite. Aside from crepes, they also offer tasty pasta,sandwiches, delectable parfait and rice plates. Their Pasta Nepolitina, Pasta Italiano & 4 Season Pasta is among the best sellers. 

At CDC the meals are made fresh every moment, every day from quality ingredients. They are committed to provide all guests with a quality dining experience, which contains fresh, healthy ingredients and a friendly courteous service. No MSG!

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