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 Ang OFW Ngayon's


A cookbook that targets the Global Pinoy

One of the things that Filipinos look for when they work in another

country is their favorite food back home. Somehow, eating karekare

and bagoong, sinampalukang manok or just puto and

kutsinta helps them get over their loneliness or homesickness.

For those who are in places where there is a large Filipino community,

it is easy enough to find most if not all of the ingredients they need from

the neighborhood Asian (or even Filipino) grocery. Or, they could just

buy from their kababayan who sells homemade delicacies in places

where Filipinos like to gather-at the church, park or even train station.

It could not be avoided though that recipes had to be modified due to

the unavailability of some ingredients and cooking equipment. For

instance, how does one make puto bumbong and bibingka without

malagkit, galapong, itlog na maalat, grated coconut and the cooking

apparatus traditionally used to steam/bake them? Overseas Filipinos

had to use their coconut, so to speak, to come up with ingeniuos ways

just to be able to eat this Christmas treat.

The Global Pinoy phenomenon is also giving rise to Philippine fusion

cuisine: balut souffle, linguini with aligue sauce, ginataang artichoke,

Korean lumpia, banana turon with maple syrup, to name a few.

The Ang OFW Ngayon's BOGCHI cookbook will contain recipes of

favorite Filipino dishes and tips from renowned Filipino chefs. There will

also be recipes from other countries that have been modified to appeal

to the Filipino taste. To make it an even more interesting read, the book

will features anecdotes from Filipino migrants about their adventures

(or misadventures) in cooking in their new country.

We would like to invite your company to be a partner in this exciting

project, the first of its kind. We believe that it provides the perfect

opportunity for you to showcase your products and services to the Global

Pinoy market. We will be distributing the cookbook through major retail

outlets in the country, such as National Bookstore, and overseas by

April 2008.

We are pleased to present the enclosed advertising package for your


About our newspaper

Launched in 2004, Ang OFW Ngayon is the first newspaper that targets

a fast-growing market: overseas Filipino workers and their families in

the country as well as future OFWs. It is distributed in major cities in the

Philippines as well as in strategic markets outside the country.

Ang OFW Ngayon's special publications include Finding Work Abroad

(now on its third edition), How to Save magazine (a savings and

investment guide for OFWs and their families), Welcome Home,

Kabayan! (a yearly updated Philippine directory given to balikbayans for

free), and Mga Kuwento ng Pag-Ibig sa Ibayong Dagat (a pocketbook


For additional information on our cookbook project, please contact us

at telephone numbers 832-9791, 832-9794, 551-1775 and 551-3207


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