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WE OFFER TUTORIAL SERVICES FOR DIFFERENT SUBJECTS: To know our team better you can visit our official website.
2 Freeware softwares (Sketch Up & Kerkythea) for archts./engrs./interior designers who would like to make 2D/3D presentations in a speedy way!!
2d  |  cad  |  3d  |  sketch up  |  design
For foreign students/professionals living in Quezon City who want to learn English. Learn English fast and fun! ^_^
We offer English language trainings to individuals and institutions who wants to further improve their proficiency in English.
We are offerring a Tutorial Service for just 350 per hour with Native Speaker from New York... Subjects that are within the scope of Learning English:
Are you in need of a tutor? Contact me so i may know how will i help you regarding with your subjects tutorial.
Hello good Day! I am Angelicum "Teacher A" Omones, a Teacher / Librarian and Information Specialist at St. Claire Fountain of Knowldege
Offering tutorial session for elementary and highschool students. Tutor in all subjects are accepted. The payment per session is still negotiable.
Want a fast, accurate and cheap help for the needed statistical analysis for your thesis? Graduated at University of the Philippines Los Baños (Graduated 2009)
Most of them are employed and need to cope with a demanding job environment. Busy schedules and deadlines are specific barriers to pursuing a postgraduate degree.
This is ideal for parents and teachers use. No need to cut out papers and look for a words to print on it.
Mnemonics, memory aids, techniques in memorizing and solving scientific theories/ problems? We'll make tough subjects easier for you.
Mostly I teach Korean and Chinese students but I am willing to accept other nationalities of course including Filipinos. I can teach online and offline.
If school is not enough for your kids to learn what he/she needs to learn.We tutor students at the comfort of your home for P300/hr.
For over 6 years of my experience as a professional computer programmer / applications & systems engineer. Part of my job is to screen aspiring programmers that can join in our team.
The Special Education Classes will address the different skills the student needs to develop or improve on.

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