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Zenzuu is a new platform to raise funds for Charities, Non-Profits and Faith Base Organizations

What Is ZenZuu?
ZenZuu is an online social and business network that is completely free to join. ZenZuu allows its members, who are comprised of individuals, charities, churches, and businesses the opportunity to make money by sharing in ZenZuu's global net advertising revenue, through an 80% Net Advertising Revenue Share Formula. ZenZuu's Worldwide Net Advertising Revenue Sharing formula is designed to redistribute the massive wealth from the coming internet advertising dollars around the world in its social network site to all its FREE active reps.

Information Call, 646-222-0545

Live conference Calls, 12PM 2PM 4PM 6PM 8PM and 10PM CSTs and Rally Calls on Sunday at 6PM and 8PM CST. 646-519-5860 PIN CODE 3214# *6 when you get on the call and *6 again to announce your organization.


Thanks and have a blessed day,

Contact Number: 214-574-9520

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Zamboanga del Sur
Zamboanga del Sur
Zamboanga del Sur

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