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Need to have a landline instantly?

You don't have to wait for a few weeks or even several days. With Bayantel's Wireless Landline, you can have your own landline AFTER ONE DAY (can even be SAME DAY if you confirm your order before 9am). Plus enjoy the convenience of having the phone unit DELIVERED FREELY to your place. Each unit is pre-activated so you can use it immediatlely!

To order within Metro Manila, just call or text
Bayantel Authorized Dealer:
Jon Fernandez


Payment Method: COD 

Initial cash out is the cost of selected phone unit only. The monthly subscription rate of Php699 will be charged after the end of the current billing period (i.e., after about one month).

Available Units:

Fixed Wireless Phone
Php 1,995
128*64 dot matrix
B&W LCD display
14 polyphonic tones

Php 1,995
65k-color screen
Phone memory 64Mbit flash;
32 Mbit SRAM
Contacts: more than 200
phonebook names
12 polyphonic ring tones
With games, calculator,
wallpaper, calendar,
stop watch, alarm clock
and FM radio

Call/Text Rates:

For a monthly subscription of PhP 699.00** you will enjoy the following benefits:


* On local calls (any landline with the same area code)
* On local or NDD (long-distance) calls to any BayanWIRELESS landline nationwide
* On local or NDD calls to any BayanPHONE nationwide

* To Bayan WIRELESS landline nationwide

* NDD (long-distance) call to other landlines @Php 4.00/min.
* NDD call to cellphones @Php 6.50/min.
* IDD (international) call to top 71 destinations @US$0.10/min.
* IDD call to rest of the world @US$0.40/min.
* TEXT to other landlines/cellphones @Php 1.00/text
* TEXT to international landline & cellphone, @15/text

Complete Steps to Owning a Bayantel Wireless Landline

(1) Place an order by calling or texting Jon (0916-7647952 or 466-7423) with the following info:

a. Complete Name

b. Delivery Address

c. Selected Phone Unit

(2) Photocopy two documents: your valid ID and a Metro Manila proof of billing (If you don't have this yet, you can request an authorization letter from the one who has a proof of billing in your house).

(3) When the unit is delivered together with the application form, fill up the application form and give the payment and required documents to the delivery man who, in turn, will give you an official Bayantel receipt.

Since your phone unit is pre-activated, you can use it immediately!

Advantages of Using Bayantel Wireless Landline:

Main Advantages of Bayantel Wireless Landline over other landlines*:
(1) MOBILE - you can bring your unit outside your homes, to your office, malls and anywhere there is Bayantel signal (practically entire of Metro Manila plus some areas outside it).
(2) FREE long distance calls to other Bayantel Phones nationwide

* While retaining the nice feature of other landlines regarding free local calls to any other landline.

Main Advantages of Bayantel WIreless Landline over cellphones**:
(1) FREE local calls (i.e., not long distance) to ANY landline, even to those not by Bayantel.
(2) ANY landline that makes a local call to your wireless unit is NOT charged any amount.

** Tip to parents: With these advantages, your kids can no longer say that they were not able to call because they didn't have load (since calling TO and FROM landlines is absolutely free as long as it's not long-distance NDD/IDD).

** Tip to businessmen on-the-go: This is a must-have if you want to cut down your communication costs.

This will be the dominant voice communication medium in the very near future. Because of its mobility and unlimited talk-time, this will soon be replacing landlines and cellphone lines that do not offer such features. 

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