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Did you know that??

At VMobile, you can get discounts on Cellphone loads (Globe, Smart,andSun Cellular) upto 14% if you're a Dealer, and upto 12% if you're a Retailer!!!


You can use it for personal use,

other family members' loads, etc.

or Sell it for immediate profit!!!

Did you know that being a VMobile dealer you can get rebates/income even if you dont sell load?


All you need to do at first is look for RETAILERS (P300 only for them to register) to those who REALLY want to sell load. These may be freelancers or those who have their own sari-sari stores. 

Everytime these retailers Sell load to others, you get 1% to 2% rebate for Globe, Sun, and Smart!!

Average retailers sell P500 per day
Just say your members reach 100 retailers

100 retailers x P500 = P50,000 of sales per day
Let's just get 1% of this, it means you get an extra income of P500 per day without even selling anything!!

That is P15,000 a month PASSIVE INCOME!!!

All you have to do is find these people who also want to save in their loads or earn extra income!!

The package is worth P8,888 for dealership!! Interested parties may visit us at our office at Robinson's Galleria Corporate Tower




DJ Dimaliuat