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CTSI Logistics

Designing logistics solutions to improve your business

For every industry that booms, a need is created along with it. And so when trade and commerce boomed on Saipan in 1989, so did the need for better freight forwarding services.

Answering the call was Consolidated Transportation Services, Inc. or simply, CTSI. For several years, CTSI provided freight forwarding services to the island’s growing businesses.

As the industries CTSI served flourished and advanced, the company took its services to the next level by becoming an integrated logistics provider, subsequently naming itself CTSI Logistics. Combining industry knowledge, Information Technology and specialized customer service, CTSI Logistics set out to offer clients more holistic and diverse business solutions.

Over the years, CTSI Logistics has opened over 20 stations worldwide, thus making it easier to consolidate its clients’ supply chain. Through its strong global network and various IT solutions, CTSI Logistics is able to manage the distribution and warehousing of goods all the way to the end consumer.


As global business becomes increasingly dynamic, CTSI Logistics is ready to help its clients compete at a higher level. By designing logistics solutions specific to each client’s needs, CTSI Logistics looks forward to helping its clients reach their goals.

International Freight Forwarding:
CTSI Logistics offers international freight forwarding services
on a global basis. Its portfolio comprises the activities
in land transport, air and sea freight import and export shipping.
Our highly skilled operations teams are trained
to handle the consolidation of your cargoes utilizing
the most proven consolidators and shipping lines.
The lineup of our services is completed with our in-house
customs brokerage with the right combination
of personalized service and cost.

Logistics outsourcing has long been hailed as a creative solution for companies that are seeking to restructure their distribution networks to gain a competitive advantage. But creativity doesn't appear to be a top priority among shippers.

The function of storage of goods prior to their transportation to the customer or other warehouses; including receiving, issuing, stocking, facilities maintenance and the pertinent documentation required.

The management of movement, inventory, protection and storage of finished goods from the end of production line to the customers with the end objective of customer satisfaction. The area of logistics service that involves the development of strategies, plans and programs on distribution channels, finished goods inventory, warehouse site and selection, handling equipment and transportation facilities to support marketing strategy.

Inventory Management:
Part of logistics process that plans, implements and controls the supply & inventory of materials, finished products and related information to ensure its availability at the desired time and quantities.

Logistics Consulting:
The job of complementing transportation and freight handling services with management concepts that spell further business opportunities for clientele. Logistics consulting delivers long-term business advantage to customers by integrating innovative technologies with strategic business solutions.

Logistics Training:
Activities that fundamentally promote knowledge sharing in order to achieve the objective of sustainable success for clients. Through a structured training approach, organizations are assisted to put their plans into action and are led to getting the advantage for their businesses by exploiting the opportunities of well-managed logistics operations.

The process for obtaining externally supplied materials and services needed for the company's operation at the best ultimate value.

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