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Kalasag ng Lahi Consultancy Network offers Seminars and Training for Companies, Organizations, Politicians, Students, Theaters, Employees and more.
Are you interested in cutting the operational cost of your company? We can help you cut operational cost and increase company profit through outsourcing.
The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers is an accredited organization that promotes, develops, and uplifts the field of Mechanical Engineering here in the Philippines.
The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) is an organization that unites its members who share the aim of pursuing professional growth and development.
One of the premiere business ventures in region 2, comprising the industries of retail, wholesale, hospitality, real estate development, and more.
Talavera Group of Companies, established by Mr. Gaudioso Talavera Jr., has a prime vision of becoming one of the premiere business ventures in region 2.
If you are interested insetting-up a DIGITALPHOTOPRINTINGBUSINESS commercial or home based andcannot afford the machines used by other digitalprinting companiesor don’t have the knowledge w/ t
High Impact Multipurpose Cooperative provides support system for cooperative of small and medium enterprises.
Learn to Live a Fantastic Life Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time? You can join Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club now!
We handle business outsourcing requirements, provide project teams to handle your project based business, and as well as provide short-term contractual employment to meet your short-term goals.
Meet pre-screened prospects from our community who are seeking products & services that you actually offer. And it can even lead you to recruit new members to join your team.
Agrikultura.org is a service of Temel Systems Inc.,a technology company with expertise in Supply Chain Management & RFID applications.
Water Stop is a special type of hydraulic cement. It is non corrosive, non rusting, instant setting compound for plugging and stopping water or fluid leaks in concrete structures or masonry surfaces.

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