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The Management Team The Caliraya Re-creation Center is operated and managed by ASB Condotels and Resorts. A Chief Operating Officer, Ms Berna S. Cantos is assisted by General Manager Engr. Rolando I.
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Coron, Busuanga, Palawan — El Rio y Mar offers another unique experience for those seeking the ultimate getaway —Port Caltom’s Reef Bar. The newly opened concrete floating bar, daze
ACCOMMODATION Single Room Double Room Comfort is the least that you can expect in each of our 273 individually air-conditioned guest rooms. Whether your choice is for a queen size or twin bedded room
Coco Grove Beach Resort Coco Grove beach Resort offers a complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy and relax in surroundings of complete nature, from tropical gardens, crystal blue sea to spectacul
Little Corner of Italy Resort Boracay's "Little Corner of Italy Resort" can be found at the Southern part of the White Beach, a short walk South from boat station # 3. This resort not only
Tucked in the woods, at the foot of a hill are The Strand's brand-new spanking swimming pools. These modern pools, Boracay's first and only SALT WATER POOLS use a salt chlorinator filter to keep the
MR Holiday Resort is located near boat station 1 at the Northern end of Boracay's famous white beach. It's door open to the best beachfront of the island where you'll experience utmost serenity and c
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Get ting There: From Manila, fly Philippine Airlines to Kalibo. Then, transfer to an air-con coach to Caticlan You can also fly direct to Caticlan with Asian Spirit or Pacific Air. Asian Spirit Airli
Boracay Plaza is blessed with a unique location. It is fronting the best part of the long white beach with its back overlooking the plaza, church and government center. It is well ventilated with bot
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Boracay Holiday Resort is a sprawling Mediterranean inspired resort located right at the heart of Manggayad (Station 2) and affords its guests with a 3-minute leisurely walk to the famous white beach
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Opened only in October 2003, the Boracay Courtyard Beach Resort is the Boracay destination of choice of travel agencies because it offers the best alternative for the budget-conscious vacationer. It
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Boracay, a best-kept Asian secret – This small Philippine island is famous for its award winning white sand beaches. Boracay is one of the best-kept secrets of Asia with its concentration of co
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Waking up in the morning, looking out of the window and getting amazed by the charm of the rising sun. Thats what we guarantee, how you are going to start each and every day of your vacation while st
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A Rock Beach Resort Address: Station 3, Bo. Manocmanoc , Boracay -->Contact: (+6336) 2883262, 2883201 --> (+6336) 2883201 Town: Boracay Prov: Boracay Description: Rooms from around P1,500 to P2,500.
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Bituon Beach Resort Address: Basdio, 6310 Guindulman, Bohol -->Telephone: 02336-5091 -->02336-913351
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Reservation & Info. info@elpinoy.com Philippine Phone # +63-920-585-5934 +63-927-938-3002
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Tranquility… Serenity… Privacy… These words are written on the brochure of Bali Bali Beach Resort . And that was what exactly what my relatives and I experienced when we spent a
Isis Bungalows is a resort hotel in Panglao Island, Bohol Province in Central Philippines. The resort, which opened in 2005, is under Swiss supervision and boasts of affordable but world-class room a
Pandanon in olden times was abundantly filled with plants called pandan. While abundantly found in the Asia Pacific, Australia and Madagascar, how it found its way to this island remain up to this da
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The resort has a range of accommodation namely two large, four standard air-conditioned rooms and including several convertible function rooms in our two main buildings; with five individual cabanas.
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