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ORIX Auto Leasing Philippines Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX METRO Leasing and Finance Corporation - a joint venture of ORIX.
Products offered: O-Rings, Hydraulic Packings, Hydraulic Hose, Hi-Tensile Bolts With Nut, Undercarriage Parts, and Cylinder Parts.
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We have the best transport system. You can guarantee with our service. For inquiries, visit this ad.
Be mesmerized , be inspired , be stunned as you see this magnificent art.
We are committed to educating motorcyclists, the general public and our legislators in order to protect our rights and freedoms. Members ride many different types and brands of motorcycles.
The club now has over 200 members and is growing exponentially! The club is now duly recognized by Honda Cars of the Philippines and already has its own S.E.C. registered name, (Power of Dreams Inc,.)
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